CV / Résumé

What Kind of Employee does your Company want in its Pocket?

A screwdriver does a job. It’s only really good for one kind of job.

Unless it’s the sonic kind, of course. If you know what I mean by that, by the way, you’re my kind of employer!

However you will find that I have a few more capabilities than the average job requires. If you need something done, chances are I can do it.

If you want me in your pocket, contact me for more info or to send me a job description.


Here’s a PDF copy of my CV/résumé, last updated January 2019:

MichaelEwer2019cvWeb.pdf (PDF, 96K)
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Actively Seeking Employment

I am currently seeking full-time employment. I would be interested in any work in the customer service field, or level one help desk. And by customer service I do not mean sales (after-sales support is fine). Ideally the position would involve my urbanist outlook in some form. I have a solid background in computer and internet support. Experience of working in five different countries and various sites. Interested in GIS/mapping but no formal qualifications in that field. Check my résumé or contact me for more info.


More detail on my personality here.