CV / Résumé



I am an INTP, described as a thinker or engineer. Quiet, Abstract, Logical, Flexible.


This index validates any decision you ever make. For me, it shapes my attitude towards work. If your company doesn`t use Kolbe profiles, it should. Then you understand people and put them in positions that best suit them.

"The Kolbe A Index is designed to measure the conative faculty of the mind -- the actions you take that result from your natural instincts, and is the foundational instrument used in Kolbe reports. It validates an individual's natural talents, the instinctive method of operation (M.O.) that enables you to be productive."

Kolbe Action Modes:
Red: Fact Finder (gathers and shares information)
Blue: Follow Thru (arranges and designs)
Green: Quick Start (deals with risk and uncertainty)
Yellow: Implementor (handles space and tangibles)

MO: 7472

Paths to Success:
Specify · Maintain · Improvise · Imagine

Natural Advantage:
Manager - "Your instinctive creativity is in developing strategies, assessing opinions and allocating resources."