Short Crust Pastry

I have actually stopped using this pastry and prefer Hot Water Crust now.

1 cup plain ol' white flour (to stick it together)
1 cup wholewheat flour (to make it healthy)
1 stick (½ cup) well chilled butter, cut into small cubes (for the flavour)
½ stick (¼ cup) may as well freeze it to make it cold enough Crisco, cut into small cubes (adds a creamier texture to the pastry)
2 tsp lemon juice
5 to 6 TBsps ice cold water

Combine flour & salt, cut in fat with a pastry knife and by rubbing it between your finger tips until the mixture resembles coarse meal. Add the lemon juice and a little bit of water at a time until the dough can be formed into a kneadable ball. - Or just stick it all bar the liquids in a food processor with a dough blade and pulse it, then add the liquids in the drizzle feed and pulse until it's done.

Refrigerate until firm and then roll out to desired size (I put it between two sheets of parchment or greaseproof paper to roll it) and bake with your desired filling at 375°F.

Substitute no more than ½ cup of the total flour with some golden flax seed meal for an extra bit of texture and flavour. I like to use this for dusting pans.

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