Manda Here she is, my wonderful wife Amanda. We "met" on ICQ back in June 1998, and after a brief friendship we discovered that we really have something special, and fell in love. We finally met in February 1999, when she came over to visit me in Germany where I was living at the time.

We spent 11 days together, visiting amongst others Kufstein and Milan, and I proposed to her in Milan.

I returned the visit a month later, and decided that we could no longer be apart. We quickly organised wedding plans and got married on May 1st, 1999.

25 years later and we're still going strong, if not stronger! It really is an internet romance that worked out! I think the main reason it did, was because we were not actually looking for anyone! I was looking for people to talk to as I was new on the 'net, and she was looking for people from the UK because she'd had such a wonderful time there a couple of years before.

In 2010, having gone through gastric bypass surgery to lose over 150lbs, she gave birth to our first child, Danny.

She is very talented. She has been a singer/songwriter since her early teens and had an album "Dusty Rose" produced a few years ago. Would love her to be more involved in music but her passion has switched to cooking.

She's also a geek like me so we find a common ground in things like computers, board games and such. Plus she watches some sports, cheering on the Detroit Lions *groan* and her Liverpool FC.