Second Life

In 2008 I spent a fair bit of time on Second Life. I designed a dance club set in a London Underground station known as The Tube, and also designed the layout and theme for the region it resided in for a while, called Scilly.

If you're unfamiliar with Second Life, every object on the pictures had to be built using a combination of 3D shapes and textures, just the way video games are built these days. The Tube club included all kinds of functional items built around the theme, such as the tip machines (used to pay spending money to people who work in the clubs) looking like ticket machines, and a DJ booth built in an old newspaper stand. The premise of the club was that a tube strike caused stations to close back in 1969, and this one just never re-opened when they went back to work, and certain elements had been "hacked" or re-purposed. Advertising posters from the era were still on the walls, such as for the movie Italian Job, which only added to the Brit theme.

Unfortunately Amanda and I fell out with the co-owners who were financially involved in the project and the SL economy was starting to fall. We may return later... who knows...

The island was designed on a Cornish village and seaside theme. I also built a replica of the Minack Theatre to stage open air concerts and events at:

I enjoyed building, DJing, and even dabbled in a little LSL, the scripting language that makes things tick on SL.