My former home in the Alps Since I was young I was fascinated by other countries and cultures. One of my first teachers was Polish, and I learnt German at the age of 6 when the Infants School didn't know what else to teach me (I'd learnt all I had to by watching Sesame Street!). It wasn't until I was 21 and visited Switzerland that I really got the travel bug though.

After a couple of visits to the land of cheese and chocolate I decided I wanted to see more of Europe, and in 1992 I went on a two week tour of Western Europe, taking in about a half a dozen countries. This was a sample trip to see if I would like the Interrail style of travelling, and two years later I did the whole month: 15 countries in 30 days. At this time I'd already decided to live in the Bavarian Alps (pictured here) which made travel a lot simpler.

I'll put some pages here about my favourite places as soon as I get around to it! Eventually they will be put into some kind of order, for now I'll just list them as I do them:

Cornwall, England, UK | Helsinki, Finland | Kufstein, Austria | London, England, UK | Milano, Italy | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA | Praha, Czech Republic | Rīga, Latvia | InterRail |
more to follow...