Inter Rail

Interrailer Interrail is a great way to see as much of Europe as you want to in a short space of time. Just about every country in Europe outside of the former Soviet Union is included in this ticket, which is only available to holders of European passports. If you do not possess a European passport, you need to get Eurail instead which is a different ticket entirely.

I did Interrail twice. Once for a 15-day span in 1992, seeing mainly Germany, Switzerland and Austria; and then a whole month in 1994, while living in a nice central location in Bavaria so I was able to get to 15 different countries in 30 days:

Wien, Austria
Bratislava, Slovakia
Praha, Czech Republic
Krakow, Poland
Warszawa, Poland
Vilnius, Lithuania
Trakai, Lithuania
Rīga, Latvia
Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland
Kemijärvi, Finland (north of the Arctic Circle)
Turku, Finland
Stockholm, Sweden
Bergen, Norway
København, Denmark
Esbjerg, Denmark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alkmaar, Netherlands
Strasbourg, France
Bern, Switzerland
Vaduz, Liechtenstein

I shall tell more about my travels on Interrail over time.

Cornwall, England, UK | Helsinki, Finland | Kufstein, Austria | London, England, UK | Milano, Italy | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA | Praha, Czech Republic | Rīga, Latvia | InterRail |
more to follow...