London, England, United Kingdom

London - Eye, Thames and Parliament It might seem weird to include your home city in a travel section, but as I have not lived there for so long, I always return as a tourist.

It is a fantastic city which keeps reinventing itself. One of the oldest cities in Europe, it has grown to a massive metropolis but keeps a lot of the old charm mixed in with new architecture. The photo here, which I took in April 2009, shows the London Eye on the south bank of the Thames, across from the Houses of Parliament. The photo is taken from one of the Golden Jubilee Bridges which now flank the old Hungerford Bridge.

I would definitely recommend a trip on the new London Eye, the giant ferris wheel. A "flight" takes 30 minutes, and make sure your camera's memory card has plenty of room on it. The landscape of London seems like a pop-up book opening and closing slowly as you go around the wheel.

If you visit London, give yourself a week, or at least three or four days. It is a huge city and you will need to dedicate a day to each part to really experience it.

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