Milano, Italy

Duomo Having been to Italian-speaking Lugano in Switzerland, and largely German-speaking Bozen in South Tyrol, Italy, Milan was my first taste of a truly Italian city. I saved this trip for Amanda's visit in February 1999, when she came over for 11 days, the first time we'd ever met in person. One of the highlights of her stay was a daytrip to Milan from my then residence in the Bavarian Alps.

Pictured here, the fantastic Gothic cathedral, 'Duomo', which took our breath away the moment we set eyes on it. Later that day we shopped for an engagement ring for her, and we returned to a confetti-covered cathedral square that night. After a confetti fight or two, I took the ring out of my pocket, got down on one knee in the remnants of the evening's carnival celebrations, and proposed to her.

Not only for this reason is it one of Europe's most romantic cities!

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